Canadian Subscription Box Award

Canadian Subscription Box Award

A Year of Boxes is a subscription box blog that reviews all things subscription boxes, they created the Canadian Subscription Box awards and let us know via Instagram that we qualified to enter.

We put out the word to our followers that they could nominate dwell Niagara, knowing we were not even six months into this startup we didn't expect much. A week or two later we were chosen and the voting round began, again we put it out on social media that we made it to the voting round and asked if they had two minutes to pop over and vote for us.

We were in a pool of other organically grown local boxes, but what was the most 'we're never gonna win but let's have fun anyway' moment, was seeing nationally syndicated boxes aligned with major Hollywood influencers and national magazines. 

Needless, to say our expectations were ground level. We were so happy not only to be in that company but that it came from our tribe, our fans, that may not be members but are out there supporting local businesses and that's what dwell is ALL about.

I remember we used "Show Your Niagara Pride" in our caption and wow, did you!



This week A Year of Boxes announced that dwell Niagara, fast becoming the little box that could, won the Local category and we are stinkin' proud!

Thank you to those who shared, took the time to vote, and kept their fingers crossed for us. We are beyond blessed!

Get your hands on local Niagara goodness today!

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