Eco-sustainable: What does that mean?

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Did you know Unilever, the maker of..., has pledged to achieve 100 percent sustainable agricultural sourcing by 2020?

You will find many of the big box stores, and restaurants, moving toward their own eco-friendly, carbon neutral, and sustainable balance targets. 

Most startups in the last ten years, and certainly any in the fledgling stages at present, should have eco-sustainability at the forefront of there brand awareness and make it one of the layers of their business foundation.

At dwell. it was very important for us to start with a sustainable, eco-friendly framework. Our personal policies on sustaining our environment impacted our vision for the dwell box. 

Everything from the products to the box itself can be reused or recycled. One of our first questions to our artisans and makes was about their sourcing. We wanted to know what was in their products, were they naturally derived? Ethically sourced?

When we decided on our packaging we looked long and hard. Was making it pretty our goal? Sure you can get your boxes customized with your colour, logo, and any design you want as the subscription box industry is so popular, but we sourced a plain box with a hand stamped logo to prevent any unnecessary processes.

We were so happy that the box came together to allow us to say that everything can be reused and recycled, the products are all-natural, ethically sourced, and animal-friendly.

It’s not possible for every business to be this way, waste is a by-product of consumerism and we would be fools not to recognize that. Small, simple steps toward change, shifting focus, and employing new processes that reduce waste, and/or your carbon footprint, is a perfect start to your journey.

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