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The 2019 Spring Edition

We had so much fun curating our Spring Box, we met with many vendors and chose some amazing products that complemented each other and the season all at the same time.

If your product didn't make it into the Spring Edition, don't worry we have many more boxes to come!

If you got our little box of Niagara goodness, we hope you enjoyed it and found some new products that you hadn't heard of before.

dwell Niagara Niagara's first subscription box, we feature local artisan's, makers, and entrepreneurs so you can support the local initiative of 'buy local.' We do the trying, testing, and shopping, delivering six to eight products to your door every three months. 

Who was in the box?

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A Claraderma gift card worth $25.00 and a brochure of what Claraderma offer at their St. Catharines location. From laser hair removal to micro-blading and botox, the ladies at Claraderma will help you achieve and/or keep your beautiful, youthful glow.

You can find all Claraderma has to offer at www.claraderma.com


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Handcrafted one batch a time, Dillion’s Distillery has become an authentic staple of Niagara-made fine spirits.

These hot pepper bitters made from local peppers which give the perfect kick of heat to your Spring Cocktails. 

Add to your Caesar or Bloody Mary for the perfect amount of spice and maybe some background heat to your fruit-based cocktails!

Dillion’s Distillery Beamsville, Ontario.

Visit the Dillion's tasting room any day 11 am - 5 pm or shop online at: www.dillons.ca

Instagram: @dillonsdistills


Taran Marlow Jewelry, dwellniagara, The Dwell Journal, Niagara, subscription box

Taran Marlow Jewelry

These classic circle studs are stylish, modern, sophisticated and simple. Handcrafted from sterling silver, our Halo Studs are a minimalist’s favourite.  

These earrings will go with anything and everything in your wardrobe!  With the circle representing eternity, it’s no wonder these Halo Stud earrings will be a favourite for years and years to come.

All jewelry is handmade at the Taran Marlow Jewelry Studio in Grimsby Ontario.

You can find Taran Marlow at www.taranmarlowjewelry.com

Instagram: @taranmarlowjewelry


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Moyaa Shea Butter Products

Wash your cares away as you relax with this all natural and organic Shea Butter soap, infused with organic lavender essential oil. 

The word lavender comes from the Latin lavare which means “to wash,” making it an ideal ingredient in the perfect cleanser. 

Just what you need after a long day!

Using premium Ugandan shea butter, all products are handcrafted in Niagara.

You can find Moyaa Shea Butter Products at www.moyaasheabutter.com

Instagram: @moyaasheabutter


scrunch obsessed, dwellniagara, The Dwell Journal, Niagara, subscription box

Scrunch Obsessed

SCRUNCH OBSESSED was started to share a passion and obsession with scrunchies! These scrunchies are the ultimate 80 ’s accessory, brought back with a colourful twist.  

Scrunch Obsessed uses unique fabrics for you to step up your bun game. From neutrals to satins, they have it all.

Get your scrunch on!

Each scrunchie is handmade in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

You can find Scrunch Obsessed at www.scrunchobsessed.wixsite.com

Instagram: @scrunchobsessed


Manic Pixie Dream Coffee, dwellniagara, The Dwell Journal, Niagara, subscription box


Manic Pixie Dream Coffee

In season, ethically sourced coffee from around the world.  

Each coffee is individually chosen because they are coffees we love to drink.

Like the sight of a shooting star, the origin of these beans is fleeting, but the robust style of the roast remains constant. 

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, robust, prune.

Manic Pixie Dream Coffee are premium coffees roasted in St. Catharines.

 You can find this locally roasted coffee at www.manicpixiedreamcoffee.com

Instagram: @manicpixied


Pippa and Peach, Rompers, dwellniagara, The Dwell Journal, Niagara, subscription box

Pippa & Peach

Soft, comfortable rompers made from ethically sourced bamboo material, in many colours. Pair your romper with bare feet to read your book, or boots and a cardigan for your shopping trip. The rompers are versatile for work or relaxation. 

You can find Pippa & Peach at www.pippaandpeach.com, but the discount code is securely in the box!

Instagram: @pippaandpeach



Love K Designs

A set of two unique greeting cards, blank inside for your own personal message.

Beautifully adorned with watercolour plants and fun sayings to complement your written sentiments. Each set includes a kraft flap seal envelope.

Love K Designs is a watercolour, ink and print artist from Niagara, Ontario

You can find Love K Designs at: 


Instagram: @lovekdesigns


Our Spring Edition was a hit with our members. We would love for you to join our community!

Get your hands on local Niagara goodness today!

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