Vendor Spotlight :: Dillon's Distillery

Vendor Spotlight :: Dillon's Distillery

Dillon’s is a family-owned craft distillery in the heart of wine country. They craft unique spirits and bitters using fresh, local and in season ingredients and they sure as heck like a good cocktail! You can find them in the tasting room most days, in Beamsville, from 11am - 5 pm chatting, sampling and teaching visitors to the distillery about their products with fun stories of how they came to be.

The team consists of many hands from all walks of life. They share the journey of curation to bottling, distilling to sales. With a mission to create world-class spirits in Canada with an honest and authentic approach, they have been known to crush a dozen Beechwood Donuts in record-setting time. A Dillon’s requirement: ALWAYS, ALWAYS cut them into quarters so everyone can taste the different flavours!
Mixing cocktails gets them fired up, and they plan to continue curating 'uniquely Niagara' spirits and creating fresh, fun bitters, not just for cocktail making but for baking and cooking too.


A typical day at the distillery?
-- a little bit of everything. Distilling, bottling, designing new products, staying as social as they can, and meeting new faces in our tasting room.

Dillon’s are active on social media showcasing their colourful creations. They love creative, pretty cocktails images and plant loving peeps from any Instagram account. They are obsessed with plants; especially their lemon tree at the distillery, that has three lemons about to be ready to pick!


"If you were shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all your human needs—such as food and water—were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you?"
--- hot pepper bitters, gin, and a cocktail shaker!

You can find Dillons 

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Instagram: @dillonsdistills


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