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mothers touch candles, dwell niagara, subscription box, Niagara

Courtney, the artisan behind Mothers Touch Candles, has three young kiddos, a husband, dogs, and cats, chickens, and a bunny, to say she has her hands full is an understatement! She spent three years at Brock University studying Nursing but after realizing it wasn’t her path, she transferred to Niagara College graduating as a Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapy Assistant. When she started to map out Mother’s Touch candles it made sense to go back to school and educate herself in the Science of Scent and Memory and an introduction in Aromatherapy.

After having her second child and graduating from Niagara College, Courtney and her husband decided that staying home would be the best decision for their family. However…after making candles for Christmas gifts and receiving amazing feedback, I slowly started building Mother’s Touch Candles. That was back in 2014 when the handmade boom began, so I was super lucky to have met a select few artisans on the same startup journey as I was, and who still continue to support each other today. 

Mothers Touch Candles, Dwell Niagara, Subscription Box, Niagara

Mother’s Touch Candles will continue to slowly build while raising her children, selling at markets and creating new amazing scents for us to enjoy. If Courtney was stranded on a desert island, other than basic necessities, she would need her candles and tea to help her survive!

2019 brings more collaborations, a new website that will connect new and previous clients to a Mother’s Touch Candles online store, and watching her crazy kids grow a little too fast for her to handle.

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ELeanor. Cook on

Is there an address and or store for Mother’s Touch Candles? Would love to come.
I purchased Cozy Knits at Cherry Lane Farms. Just love the natural oils.
Please inform. Thanks

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