Vendor Spotlight :: Scrunch Obsessed

Vendor Spotlight :: Scrunch Obsessed

Meet Sarah of Scrunch Obsessed, Sarah is our youngest entrepreneur at the age of eighteen; she is graduating high school in less than TWO months! Congratulations, Sarah!

When I met Sarah at the studio I was blown away; she is beyond her age in professionalism and creative talent. We put those scrunchies to the test, let me tell you.

  • HIIT Workouts
  • Running
  • Sleeping (of course, hence one and two)
  • Daily work and errands

I never had to readjust, it stayed in, and my hair never felt like it was going to fall out at any second.

Win. Win, and Win!


Sarah grew up in St. Catharines and then moved to Niagara Falls with her family. She loves to make things, swim, and her favourite passion is eating. Sarah can speak three languages including English, French, and Cantonese. She doesn’t plan on stopping there with Spanish or Italian on the list next.  Sarah is super excited to start her degree at Brock University in the Fall to study accounting. 

Sarah started sewing at the age of ten and believe it or not the very first project she made was a purple polka dot scrunchie for her sister. She still has that scrunchie to this day, and when Sarah saw her wearing it a few months ago, she decided to pick up sewing again and make a few for herself. Sarah happened to post a few on Instagram for fun and Scrunch Obsessed was born. She is grateful that she gets to share her creative passion and loves to see you rocking your messy hair and scrunch buns!


After Sarah completes her school day and any homework she has, she gets to Scrunch Obsessed. Her evenings consist of catching up on any orders, responding to comments on Instagram, and taking some photos. Throughout the day and any extra time she gets, she loves going on Instagram to see what's up in the world and for some creative inspiration.

Sarah recommends checking out @cestmaria on Instagram. She says her feed is amazing, as she is a huge fan of all things pastel and pink. 

What fires you up and gets you out of bed every day?

Knowing that I get to do what I love throughout the day and being able to share my love for scrunchies with you guys! Waking up to crispy hash browns is the perfect breakfast to keep me fuelled throughout the day. 

What is the next step in your journey?

My next step is to be able to attend more craft shows throughout the year so that I can meet you all. I love the supportive community here in Niagara and would love to be able to hear your stories and meet some fellow makers!

"If you were shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all your human needs—such as food and water—were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you?" 

My phone because I can't live without it! It's constantly with me, and I definitely have an addiction to social media. The second item I would bring would probably be some sunscreen because I wouldn't want to get burnt, but would also want that olive tanned skin. 

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